Athena is an organization relationship management platform that allows you to track engagements, partnerships, internships, placements, and student involvement. Athena allows you to create courses to group engagements, create customizable assessments, and has a time entry approval system.

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Organization Module

  • Complete customizable organization database unique to your instance of the platform
  • Advanced permission system to control which users of your systems have access to your data
  • Store internal and external organization contacts
  • Allow students to dynamically create organizations when requesting engagements
  • Identify which organizations your company is most involved with to help identify future partnerships and potential donations

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Courses Module

  • Multiple workflows for creating, approving and assigning engagements to students.
  • Set required hours to complete the course, then monitor and approve logged hours to ensure your students stay on track.
  • Create custom questions when submitting hours to gather feedback on your student's experience.
  • Canvas LMS LTI integration - automatically syncs courses, terms, students, and teachers
  • Create and administer assessments

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Platform Features

Multiple Authentication Methods
Advanced Reporting
Customizable Colors and Branding
Rich Permission System
User and Terms Modules